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A visa is an official document that allows travellers to enter a Foreign country. Nowadays people travel Internationally for different purposes including tourism, visiting family and others. This requires them to get a valid visa (granted) for travelling to another country. There are so many international destinations that attract travellers worldwide and UAE is among them.

UAE has several emirates and places that receive uncountable visa applications (by international travellers), including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Qatar. These places attract international tourists for the visit. You get to explore their adventures and attractions, taste their regional cuisines, and experience their diversity and history.

Get a thrilling ride on the desert safari, explore the archaeological sites of Abu Dhabi and Qatar and visit the acknowledged museums of Sharjah with a UAE visa process by the Arabiers.

Middle East Travel Visas

Travellers (International travellers) willing to visit Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Qatar (UAE) are required to go through the details provided below:-

Individuals from other nations who want to enter the UAE need to apply for a visa. The visa application is granted by the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs- Abu Dhabi, based on several conditions. Some foreign nationals are eligible for a visa on arrival, where they can travel to the UAE without any visa for a specific time. Their passports will be stamped at the UAE airports.


Types of UAE Visa

There are primarily three types of visa for the UAE

  • On-arrival visa
  • Short-term visit visa
  • Residence visa (Long term stays)

On arrival visa

Foreign nationals arriving from the USA, UK, Finland, Japan and other eligible countries are eligible for the UAE on-arrival visa. The recent UAE foreign ministries visa exemption policy allows citizens from 87 countries to enter the country (UAE) without any pre-entry visa.


Short-term visit visa

With the Short-term UAE visit visa application process, an Individual can stay in the country for a short period (after the visa approval). Following are the types of UAE short-term visa

  • Tourist visa
  • GCC visa (for UAE residents
  • Transit visa
  • UAE visa for Job seekers
  • 5-Year Multiple Entry Visa

Long-term or Residence visa

A residence visa is important for those who have long-term living plans in the UAE. Investors, business professionals, and students who want to work in the UAE. Following are the different long-term UAE visas.

  • UAE 10 years golden visa
  • UAE green visa
  • UAE student visa
  • UAE family visa
  • UAE retirement visa
  • UAE investor visa


Visitors to Qatar need to obtain a Qatar pre-entry Visa. However, GCC and on-arrival countries citizens are not required to apply for a Qatar Visa to enter Qatar.


Qatar visa application requirements

To apply for a Qatar visa, you need to present different documents depending on the criteria and purpose of the trip. However, there are some common documents required for all types of Qatar visa application procedures:

  • Passport (with a minimum 6 months validity
  • Photos of the applicants
  • Accommodation details (of your stay in Qatar)
  • Flight ticket (A round ticket or onward ticket)
Qatar visa types

You can apply for a different Qatar visa depending on your purpose and the duration of your stay. Following are the visa types:

  • Qatar tourist visa
  • Qatar business visa
  • Education residence visa
  • GCC residents visit visa
  • Family visit visa

As the Emirates is a part of the UAE, the visa requirements are similar to those mentioned above for the UAE.

A visitor to Sharjah from another country needs to apply for a UAE visa to enter the Sharjah Emirates UAE. They need to follow the same application process as the UAE visa.


Important note :  Each visitor needs to check the latest guidelines of the destination he/she is looking to. The procedure may vary from time to time and any latest advisory may be issued by the governments. Travellers must also ensure their passport validity and arrange all the documents for the visa application procedure. For a hassle-free visa application service, you can contact Arabiers.

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A visa is a document stamped by a foreign country on a person’s passport that permits the person to travel to that country. It mentions the purpose of visit (tourist/transit/business etc.) and duration of the stay.

Yes! You need to obtain a visa with a visa application process for the countries you are looking to travel to.

It varies from country to country, with a minimum of 2-5 days required.

A Visa-On-Arrival is a facility which allows tourist/s to obtain a visa after arriving in that country after applying for the necessary documents. It is an agreement between two countries which permits citizens of either, or a single country to receive a visa, on arrival.

The different types of visas are tourist, transit, business etc.

Send your documents, make payment and your visa will be issued.

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